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The UT Marketplace is authorized under the Regent's Rules of the University of Texas System. The Board of Regents allows the University to designate no more than two one-day periods each academic year, which is accomplished through the UT Marketplace event. The UT Marketplace is held outdoors on The University of Texas at Austin campus once during each long semester.

Regents' Rules of The University of Texas System allow for the display and distribution of printed material from tables of booths by providers of services that are commonly utilized by students, faculty, and staff of the U.T. System. It does not allow company or organization representatives to make sales or to take orders for products or services. Additionally, in accordance with HB 85, effective September 1, 2007, it is not permissible for financial institutions or marketing entities to provide credit card application information. Company or organization representatives may collect directory information from willing participants provided that the method of collection is clearly presented as a "mailing list" or "distribution list". Prizes, contests, or drawings are permitted. Any food and beverage distribution must be approved a minimum of 30 days in advance and comply with UT Environmental Health & Safety guidelines.

LOCATION: Speedway Plaza on the University of Texas at Austin Campus, right in front of the Gregory Gym.

DATE AND TIME: Wednesday, September 21, 2022. 10 a.m. - 3 p.m.

CHECK-IN: Please check in upon arrival. A designated check-in table will be located on Speedway Plaza. Look for the orange and white DoS tent. Set up begins at 7:45 a.m. and the event begins at 10 a.m. Exhibitors will be provided with specific unloading times closer to the event. Exhibitors must bring their materials the day of the event. Items cannot be delivered in advance, and storage and transport are not available.

PARKING: Exhibitors will park in a nearby UT garage. The UT Marketplace staff will validate parking for one vehicle per registration. Additional parking cards may be purchased for $15 each. If an oversized vehicle will not fit into a garage, other accommodations can be made for a $50 pre-paid permit to park in a special area, with a minimum of 7 business days’ advance notification. More specific information will be provided to exhibitors closer to the event. Booths requiring vehicles as part of their displays must recieve prior approval and pre-pay $50 per vehicle permit.

TABLES: One 6-foot table and two chairs will be provided for each vendor. Additional tables and chairs may be provided for larger spaces.

REPRESENTATIVES: A 6' display area may only have four organization representatives total. Company representatives must remain in or directly in front of their designated booth area, and may not roam the event to distribute materials or conduct promotional activities.

ELECTRICITY: Exhibitors that require electricity for their display will be assessed an additional $65 fee. Individual generators are not permitted.

WATER: Exhibitors that require a non-potable water connection for their display will be assessed an additional $50 fee.

REFRESHMENTS: Food and beverages are available for purchase in the nearby Student Activities Center.

POP UP TENTS: Exhibitors may bring pop-up tents for their booths, but they may not exceed the size of their pre-paid area. Tents larger than pre-paid space will not be allowed to set up.

SOUND: Amplified sound is not permitted at UT Marketplace.

PROMOTIONAL MATERIAL: Samples, premiums, novelties, publications, souvenirs, printed educational and promotional materials may be distributed from the advertiser’s booth. A minimum of 3,500 items is suggested, as foot traffic in the event area can be up to 20,000 people throughout the day. All such materials must be made available to all attendees as long as the materials are offered. Prizes, contests or drawings are permitted. Samples of handout materials other than literature pertaining to advertiser’s products and services must be approved in advance. UT Marketplace staff may withdraw permission to distribute any material it considers objectionable.

RESTRICTIONS: UT Marketplace Staff reserves the right to alter or close any booth that does not confirm to the provisions of the agreement. No refund shall be due under such circumstances. UT Marketplace Staff also reserves the right to exclude any nonconforming party from participating at any future UT Marketplace program or to give lowest priority for future events.

CLEAN UP: The event will end at 3 p.m. All empty boxes must be broken down and placed in the designated recycling bins. Each exhibitor is responsible for the removal from campus and clean up of all items from booth area. Items include but are not limited to boxes, banners, promotional items, displays, trash and candy wrappers. Post-event storage and transport of leftover materials is not available. A $250 cleaning fee will be assessed to those who do not comply with clean up requirements.

INCLEMENT WEATHER: In case of severe weather, the event will be cancelled.

REFUNDS: A $500 refund will be made if cancellation is received in writing by January 19, 2022. No refunds will be given in the event of rain.

ACCESSIBILITY: UT Marketplace will do its best to honor special accommodation requests. Information on wheelchair accessible routes will be provided upon request.



What are the benefits of participating in this event? The University Board of Regents limits access for off-campus vendors to just two days per year, which is when we hold the UT Marketplace. On these two days, vendors have access to thousands of UT Austin students, faculty and staff members to advertise their services, pass out samples of their products, and distribute literature. Some vendors use this opportunity to advertise employment opportunities with their organization.

Can we pay the registration fee with a credit card? Yes. Please call (512) 471 8590 or your TSM advertising account executive.

Can two companies "split" a registration fee and table? Yes, two companies may split the fee and share the space. However, no more than two companies are permitted to share any one 6' space. Additionally, two companies may only split the 6' display area and not a larger area. We also ask that one payment be made in full, rather than splitting payment and causing unnecessary confusion.

How many team members from our organization are permitted to participate? Please limit your team members to four at any one time. You are restricted to the area immediately surrounding your table and/or exhibit and additional participants could create issues with pedestrian traffic flow. Vendors who chose to split a registration fee and table are also limited to four total representatives between the two organizations at any one time.

What time should we arrive? Setup begins at 7 a.m. The event begins at 10 a.m. Exhibitors will be provided with specific unloading times closer to the event.

Where do we unload our vehicle? All vendors will be provided an unloading time. During your appointed time, you should follow the map provided by your Account Executive. After unloading, you will need to immediately move your vehicle to the designated parking garage.

Where do we park, and how much does it cost? UT Marketplace will validate parking in a University garage for one standard vehicle per vendor. Parking for additional vehicles are the responsibility of the vendor; additional cards are available for $15 each. If you choose to bring a second vehicle, the current garage rates can be found here. If an oversized vehicle will not fit into a garage, other accommodations can be made for a $50 prepaid permit to park in a special area, with a minimum of 7 business days’ advance notification.

What types of materials are we permitted to pass out? Vendors are permitted to distribute free samples, promotional items, and printed materials such as brochures and/or coupons. Food and beverage distribution must be approved a minimum of 30 days in advance. We recommend a minimum of 3500 samples or promotional items.

What types of promotions work well at this event? UT Marketplace attendees are attracted to games with prizes. Vendors offering free promotional items, t-shirts, or drawings are also successful at the UT Marketplace.

If we are having a drawing are we allowed to collect student contact information? Your organization may request directory information such as a student's name and telephone number for a drawing that will take place by the end of the day. Unless the means is also clearly presented as collection for a mailing list, all information gathered must be surrendered to a UT Marketplace staff member before your organization leaves the UT Marketplace event.

May we collect student contact information for a mailing list? Organizations may collect the directory information of willing participants provided that the means of collection is clearly presented as a mailing list. Participation in a drawing may not be dependent upon signing up for the mailing list.